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Renovation of a shared bathroom - Pisa

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Renovation of a bathroom in an apartment in Pisa.
The intervention involved the design through different solutions from the arrangement to the lighting, the sending to the municipality of the necessary practices, the choice and purchase of each material and furniture each where it was available at the best price both in the store and online, the choice of the executing company by comparing the estimates and reliability, and the direction of the works.


Reconversion of an unused space in a studio - Pisa

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Conversion project of an attic used mainly as a closet, in a study / leisure room, with the remaking of the floor and the opening of a skylight for natural light. A render was made first to clarify the final result, then the whitewashing and floating parquet were personally carried out. Later a company was commissioned to install the Velux skylight, to which I finally added a self-made decorative frame.

New masonry canopy for a villa - Montecatini

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Project to replace a sheet metal roof with a brick roof for a villa.

Listening to the customer's needs, the necessary surveys were made for the creation of a 3D model, from which different renders and photo insertions were then made for different types of intervention.

The customer was then able to choose the one that he liked best then the executing company created.

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